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How To Sell A Burger For A Million

September 25th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

I am going to teach you how to sell a hamburger for $1,000,000.

Impossible? No it is simple.

Simple but not easy.

First you need to think like the God Father.

“Don Vito Corleone was a man to whom everybody came for help, and never were they disappointed. He made no empty promises, nor the craven excuse that his hands were tied by more powerful forces in the world than himself.”

It was not necessary that he be your friend, it was not even important that you had no means with which to repay him. Only one thing was required. That you, you yourself, proclaim your friendship. And then, no matter how poor or powerless the supplicant, Don Corleone would take that man’s troubles to his heart. And he would let nothing stand in the way to a solution of that man’s woe.

Have you worked out the Gold Father secret to selling a million dollar burger yet? No. Let me give you another passage from the book.

Don Corleone was gentle, patient. “Why do you fear to give your first allegiance to me?” he said. “You go to the law courts and wait for months. You spend money on lawyers who know full well you are to be made a fool of. You accept judgment from a judge who sells himself like the worst whore in the streets. Years gone by, when you needed money, you went to the banks and paid ruinous interest, waited hat in hand like a beggar while they sniffed around, poked their noses up your very asshole to make sure you could pay them back.”

The Don paused, his voice became sterner. “But if you had come to me, my purse would have been yours. If you had come to me for justice those scum who ruined your daughter would be weeping bitter tears this day. If by some misfortune an honest man like yourself made enemies they would become my enemies”—the Don raised his arm, finger pointing at Bonasera—“and then, believe me, they would fear you.”

Now, I realize this is just a book, but take a second and put this into context for your business.

Let’s get back to the $1,000,000 burger.

When I ask how to sell a burger for a inflated price in seminars and the answers normally go like this.

1. Make it ORGANIC! (note to reader – raise the QUALITY)

New price = Eight Bucks

2. Add fancy toppings and a bucket of fries.

OK, Twelve Bucks – (Raising the amount of STUFF and Add-Ons – know anyone who does this?)

3. Ok what about selling in a swanky restaurant with White Linen napkins and someone to scrape the crumbs off the table-cloth every five minutes while Hayley Westenra sings the World Cup song?

Ninety Five Bucks? (Hmm, fancy Packaging or Exotic Locations for your burger – smart!)

I can go ON and ON – and I have live. What usually happens is that- somewhere between fifty and a hundred bucks – all the ‘marketing’ and ‘branding’ ideas stop changing the audience’s mind and we’re at a stand-still on selling this Big Ticket Burger!

Or are we… ?

Imagine – your client is IN THE DESERT!

Three days away from food… Knowing he has TWO DAYS without food to Live!

And this BURGER is his Lifeline! What’s the value THEN?

Would you pay a million dollars if eating the burger would save your life? Of course.

The Don was a problem solver of BIG problems. Problems where people were prepared to accept huge obligation.

That’s how you make the big bucks. Ask yourself this simple question…

“Who in my market has a major motivation and few perceived options where price is NOT a factor?”

Be creative because the problem might not be as easy as life or death.

It may be a need to avoid DEATH

Or it could be to remove FEAR.

How about the need for STATUS or PRESTIGE.

Here is the BIG point I want you to take away

WHO you sell to is far more important than WHAT you sell.

Capiche? I hope so.

The winner of eBay’s most expensive charity auction ever, who asked to remain anonymous, paid $2.6 million in 2010 for a lunch date with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, also known as the third-richest person in the world.

Who knows they probably ate burgers.

It’s not about the burgers.

Find a highly emotive group of buyers with few perceived options and money to solve the problem and you have the recipe to command premium prices that will make you rich.

Simple – but not easy.

“Who in my market has a major motivation and few perceived options where price is NOT a factor?”

Come up with a long list of answers and test each until you find a winner.

Don Richard Petrie

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Confessions From Port Douglas

September 14th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Forgive me father for I have sinned.
It’s been 6 weeks since my last confession.

I am currently sitting in lobby (because of a wireless connection) of the Port Douglas Sheraton Hotel in Northern Queensland as penance.

The weather is 28 degrees and there is nothing to do all day.

Port Douglas is place I knew little about until Julia and I arrived here on Saturday morning at 12.30am.

The only thing I did know was that we had sent a few previous winners from my Speed Marketing mastermind coaching groups here.

Sam and Claire Hazledine, Andreas Becker and his wife, Steve and Carol Strain and I think Eryn Cutler and Jonothan Beckingsdale, maybe more I can’t remember.

People have often asked what was the secret to their success. Why did they do better?

My answer is that there is no secret, the answer is available to everyone.

1. Massive ACTION and implementation on what you learn
2. Putting yourself in the right ENVIRONMENT to succeed

The photos the winners took of Port Douglas was beautiful so we decided since I have not started a coaching group for over a year I nominated myself as the marketer of the year, and guess what… I won.

Here the view from my deck chair (I have moved).


Which is more important the ACTION or the ENVIRONMENT?

I believe that unless you are bone lazy that the environment drives the actions.

Roger Twose once told me that people earn +-10% of the five people you spend the most time with. When I worked out my five, he is probably right. We become who we hang out with most.

It is true of kids too. You can judge a kid by the quality of his/her friends.

Being 45 now and away from competitive sport I find it harder to keep the weight below 100kg. When I played professional sport it was easy. I would be training in the team environment four days a week and probably hitting the gym 4 days a week by myself.

Keeping weight down was so easy because you did not have to focus on pushing yourself hard, you just had to turn up. The action was automatic.

Once you were in the RIGHT environment success was guaranteed. Look at the average players who go to play rugby for Canterbury.

Now back to Port Douglas.

The wrong environment can sabotage even the best ACTION

Julia and I have played golf everyday (bar one) since we have been here.

Incidentally it is the only golf course I have played where there are crocodile warnings. In fact if your ball is within 2 meters of the water – you leave it. Apparently crocs can fly out of the water at you without warning.

This ball was not retrieved by me for obvious reasons.


Now in case you think I am exaggerating …on day one sitting 15 meters from the white tees on hole #10 was a three meter salt water croc.

Not a stuffed one but a really evil looking mother with one eye on the water and the other on lunch. I have a photo of it on Julia’s camera – but that camera is somewhere else right now. I will post the croc when I download. But for now just realise that playing on the back nine is a ‘looking over your should experience’.

Jesus wept.

Does not matter what my actions were my golf on the back nine (croc country) was terrible.

It’s like playing with a serial killer lurking behind you. Even when you don’t see him you know he is there watching, waiting.


The question you need to ask is ‘what is my environment like?’
Are you surrounded by people on the rise or by people telling you that you ‘can’t do it’, ‘the economy is tough’

I am starting a new coaching group really soon. Maybe you should put yourself in this environment.

You need a great product or service, and be prepared to work – hard for the next six months building something sustainable… A selling machine.

If you are interested watch this video HERE.

For some people good marketing will change your life. This is not an exaggeration. Good marketing equals more sales and higher margins.

I will only select people and businesses I think can be winners with my marketing.

It’s 3.37pm.

The drinks trolley is shaking its way past me.
Some kid is diving in the pool.
Julia is thinking about catching up with some newly made friends we meet in the Daintree Rain Forest yesterday. Fortunately I think they are rich – they take up my 5 person average way up.


There is some silly girl (about 20 years old) walking past me with a cigarette in her hand. She probably hangs around with other smokers.

Environment rules our lives for better or worse.

Enjoy the sun.

PS Check THIS out.

The Secret Of The Chubby Kid

August 9th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Nike is not an Olympic sponsor this year but that hasn’t stopped it from ‘borrowing interest’ in what it takes to compete for its “Find your greatness” campaign.

The result a moving video of an overweight pre-teenager, Nathan, forcing himself to run down a lonely road in London, Ohio—is fantastic. Note that it’s filmed in a single, unedited take.

Once again the lesson here is ‘What are you really selling?”, certainly not shoes- that’s too hard.

Now selling ‘greatness’… that’s a lot more valuable to people – so a lot easier to sell.


Imagine if you stopped selling your core service and started selling what people really wanted?

Huh – there’s a thought!

(Watch the video then read the doc below if you want to discover how to apply this psych tactic)

#2 Most Powerful Selling Question


Changing beliefs

May 31st, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Beliefs rule the world.
This is how to collapse the little critters.

Google’s Ad (Awesome)

May 18th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

This ad by Google is sheer class.

1) tells a story
2) Engages us emotionally
3) sells without really selling

PLUS it is something you can do on a shoe string.
See the video below where Jeff and Anna ‘model’ this ad themselves.

Here’s Jeff and Anna’s version for the Speed marketing marketer of the year competition.

Before you spend money on ads watch this first

May 3rd, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Watch the video…

Then read this document below

Bullet # 13 The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist

(This strategy is probably responsible for making me and my clients more money than any other.)

Remarkable Client Experience

April 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Seth Goddin wrote a book called ‘The Purple Cow’.

Imagine you were driving down the road and saw a herd of purple cows in the paddock. You would stop, take photos and tell 100 people as fast as you could, ‘I saw a purple cow today’.

You would instantly become infected and become viral because you saw something remarkable.

In one sentence the strategy is… do something so remarkable that people feel they have to remark about you everywhere they go. This is your marketing.


In my coaching groups we challenge you to create a ‘Remarkable Client Experience’.
So remarkable that people are forced to talk about you to such an extent that it drives business to your door. Aaron from Swisher Hygiene is probably the most famous example.

There is not enough drama and theatre in peoples marketing.

Pike Place Fish Market – has achieved this remarkable status. So has Disneyland.

Here is a video for a new TV channel. They have also risen to the challenge.
Don’t just enjoy this video – ask yourself ‘How could I create something remarkable?’

NB Bear in mind it’s the video they wanted because a video can easily become viral, not the people at the event. Can you create a scene and collect a video that goes viral and promotes your business?

Confessions Of A Marketing Rebel #1

April 18th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Ever done anything really embarrassing in a business situation?

See if you can top this.

In fact if you can, then send me your story and if it is bad enough I will post it on this page.

This is my story

So I come home from work. My daughters aged 11 and 9 immediately get out the big black pen.

Then proceed to draw a moustache, goatee, nose ring, earrings, and mono brow on my face.

So far so good. I leave it there for the evening because I forget it is there.

My wife laughs when she arrives home and then I again forget I am wearing it and everyone stops noticing.

Still so far so good. You know where I am going with this don’t you.

Next day everyone is up before me. I sleep in because I don’t have an appointment till 1pm with a new client.

I shower shave give the face a quick once over and off I go to the meeting.

Good meeting, nothing untoward. I drive home.

At home and look into a mirror in the hall with bad light and see I am still wearing a Spanish moustache and mono brow. The goatee had gone and the ink was not as clear as the day before but …clear enough.

Bloody Hell

The three ladies in the meeting said nothing!
Maybe they think that because I am a marketer that is part of my wacky get up.

Well it could be worse. I could have had my fly down, like the presentation I once did for a room full of accountants.

It’s tough being a marketing rebel.
But someone has to do it.

Speaking of having to do something.

Give Me Your Database

Do you have a list of people on a database you should be promoting offers to?

If so I have developed a very cool system for getting them to call.

Send me an email with your name, phone number, the size of the list i.e. number of people, whether it is email list or postal addresses you have? What is the thing and value of the thing you sell

If I think your list and product is suitable I will call you back to get more information.

This will work best for people selling big-ticket items with larger margins.

In the meantime, when people draw moustaches on you, wipe them off before you go to be.

Go in peace.

Marketing Rebel
PS If you are a past client with a large list even better, you know what I can do for you.

Dollar Shave Club – How F**kin Good?

March 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

“Are good are our razors any good?”

Here is a brilliant ad from the brilliant marketers at

PS Their whole web site is a marketing masterclass.

Sexy locum job seeks smart junior doctor

March 12th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

This devilishly simple marketing postcard triggered over $400k in fees for 2011.

The formula we used was very formulaic.

First we had to ‘break the pattern’ to wake the junior doctors up.

Traditional marketing (being all professional) would have put these overworked bastards to sleep.

Here is how we did it.

Check it out

Watch the marketing video here