Bubonic Plague Video

December 17th, 2013  |  Published in Marketing Secrets  |  1 Comment

When it comes to marketing infections I like mine ‘viral’.

I run a strategy with clients called the Remarkable Client Experience.

It is probably the most creative, fun and effective strategy too.

Here’s how it works

You break the normal ‘boring’ experience people expect from your industry and create an experience so ‘remarkable’ that it FORCES people to rave about the experience.

This ‘experience’ turns bored clients into inspired unpaid sales people.

Capture their remarkable experience on video and you create a virus of Bubonic plague proportions.

This extreme example below may be ‘just marketing’ but as speed marketer Claire Hazledine famously said…

‘I don’t mind being manipulated…. as long as it makes me feel good’

Ok then …feel good for as long as you want.

Happy Christmas, thanks for being a subscriber!

Sometimes in life you get what you ask for.


Download my secret ‘client only’ ACTION SHEET below and have some fun.


PSĀ  Want to sell smarter in 2014? Here’s what to do.

1) Email richard@speedmarketing.co.nz and type ‘I want viral’ in the subject line.

2) I will send you a short questionnaire and some times to chat both before and after Xmas (by phone). We will discuss what you want to achieve in 2014 and whether I can help you or not. Clients typically work with me for 6-12 months.

Maybe I can, maybe I can’t but you won’t catch breakthrough ‘viruses’ playing by yourself.


  1. Hagit Popper says:

    December 18th, 2013 at 9:59 am (#)

    Briliant! Thank you Richard Petrie

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