The Monkey’s Fist Strikes Again!

August 24th, 2013  |  Published in Marketing Secrets  |  2 Comments

The Monkey’s Fist is one of my favourite lead generation strategies.


Well typically you will get 10 times more leads than you would using traditional advertising.

A quick recap…

Traditional ads might say

‘We are ABC architects, been in business for 25 years and we do X, Y, Z and we are great’

You know the typical type of self indulgent B.S. that readers ignore.

A Monkey’s Fist might say

If you are looking to renovate a character home in Wellington, call 555 5555 for a free copy of our latest guide ‘The secrets to renovating character homes’, simply give us your home address and we will post it to you free of charge’

No mention of any company just genuine information and problem solving education. But what you have is a lead and an address of someone who has raised their hand. This is called lead generation advertising and requires a follow up process.

$100k Club member Mona Quinn is fast becoming a master at leveraging this psychological back door. Ads like this can work great but her latest version is a step up from that. This time there was no ad. No cost. And no time spent writing by her or me.

For the 2nd time Mona Quinn has a two page ‘feature’ in the DomPost. This is what I call a ‘home run’. Seeing a client get this type of publicity is like getting Steve and Mark Waugh out when playing Australia at cricket. (Yes I did – sorry modesty has never been my strong suit :-) Ah heck if you can’t promote yourself then no one else will)

Last time Mona was featured in a similar article she got over 70+ leads requesting her booklet.

Let’s have a think about who might contact her…

  1. People who read the article
  2. People interested in renovating their character home
  3. People who want information and perceive her as the expert

Are these good leads?


These are GREAT leads!

Check out exactly how she did this.

  1. Grab a copy of the Dominion Post Weekend
  2. Turn to the property section and look up page E2. The article is titled ‘Architect attuned to blend of future past’.
  3. Scroll to the end of the article and read the last paragraph. Notice the ‘call to action’ (the money shot)

I fully expect another 70 leads from this little weekend effort. Trust me getting in the paper is not super hard if you find a way to ‘become the news’.

The online article below does NOT contain the Monkeys Fist (only the hard copy newspaper does) but you can check it out anyway.

The Stuff Version

The Stuff Version

Remember, the total cost? Nothing.

Time to write the article? Nothing

Result? 70+ leads, positioned as an expert in the market, an article to reuse with every prospect to reinforce your expertise.

A PR monkey’s Fist is even better than an advertising Monkey’s Fist because if an article is written by a journalist rather than a salesperson so the story carry more credibility and authority.

As my son says when faced with a large desert ‘It does not get better than this’.

This strategy is very do able. So get the paper, understand the psychology behind what is being done and copy it.


Richard Petrie


  1. Anne says:

    August 25th, 2013 at 11:54 pm (#)

    I read this article in the weekend and my thought at the time was that it was far and away one of the best articles when it came to explaining her philosophy, approach and her area of expertise. So, clearly there was a very good reason why it was so good from a marketing perspective- because she’s worked with a pro!

  2. Richard Petrie says:

    October 1st, 2013 at 4:54 pm (#)

    Thanks Anne

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