Does my bum look big in this?

June 20th, 2013  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Q: Does My Bum Look Big In This?

A: Yip, but don’t worry it looks big in everything!

A life changing discover hit me at 4.45pm yesterday.

The discovery came after a nasty incident at 3.45pm with my doctor.

“110kgs Mr Petrie hmmm. You are at the highest end of the ‘overweight’ range… just under the ‘obese’ range based on your BMI” said Mary my new Kelburn doctor.

This heartless bitch was slashing the truth around in reckless fashion like a dagger.

“I beg your pardon. I eat well and exercise” I replied stunned.

It did not seem appropriate to tell her that on the way to her clinic I had treated myself to Pineapple Lumps and a cookie time biscuit.

I know what you are thinking… ‘The truth shall set you free Richard’.

Yes she IS doing me a favour. No one should run from the truth although most people do, in some area of his or her life, me included.

The self delusion holds us back.

Eighteen months ago I had lost 12kgs and was 98kgs and looking sharp. Playing in the Charity cricket game for Christchurch in front of 14,000 people and TV cameras. Looking fit, feeling great.

So at 4.45pm yesterday I made my honest list.  What I had done to get to 98kgs and what I was not doing now.

The list applies to losing weight as much as it applies to being successful in any area of life. I am going pin it on my wall because for me it is a winning formula.

Here it is – see if it could also apply to your success.

Results Getting Principal # 1 BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF

When I got down to 98kgs I was ruthlessly honest.

Every piece of food either took me closer to 100kgs or further away.

The words ‘just’, ‘only’, ‘but’ kill performance because they trigger self-delusion.

‘It’s JUST a small piece’

‘I’ve ONLY missed training once this week’

‘BUT I am really busy’

I want to be the best I can be. We get one shot at life and we might as well go hard. We might as well earn as much as we can, and get in the best shape we can.

There is nothing wrong with slipping occasionally but when we catch ourselves let’s get honest quickly and back to business. Jeremy Moon told me once ‘Everyone falls off the horse – but it is how quickly you get back on that counts’

The business we are in is moving closer to our goals taking one small step at a time. One small mouthful at a time.

Eliminate delusional words ‘JUST ONLY BUT

“My name is Richard Petrie and I am overweight – just under obese on the body mass index scale BMI.”

No honesty = No ability to change


Results Getting Principal # 2     STRUCTURED ENVIRONMENT

What is discipline?

***Discipline is DOING what you said you were going to do***

There is an easy way and a hard way to be disciplined.

HARD – Relying on willpower

EASY – Putting yourself in an environment where DOING is automatic

For twenty years I was a professional cricketer. Played for Canterbury, Wellington and New Zealand. I was always fit and healthy.

We would practice or play or train 4-5 days a week. Will power was not required, simply by being in a competitive structured environment meant I DID the actions required.

The game started at 10am. There was no ‘should I go or not?’ You just went and even turned up early to prepare. Action was effortless.

When I finished cricket I had to talk myself into going to the gym. No one to fine me if I was late. No one else was being held up. No one else cared.

So what happened? I went occasionally then got fat, 111kgs.

No structured environment = no disciplined action.


Results Getting Principal #3 HIRING A COACH

So what did I do when I got honest 18 months ago? First thing was I hired a personal trainer once a week.

There are two benefits here. Up until hiring the coach I had been doing the treadmill and stepper for 45 minutes thinking these were good fat burners.

Which they are but they are not the most efficient way to weight loss.

According to my trainer ultra high intensity mini blasts raise the metabolism and causes your body to burn fat even after the workout.

So we pick a muscle group like the arms and blast the guns for a minute to exhaustion. Then hit the legs that are still fresh and blast them for a minute. Then the chest and blast it for a minute. After two minutes rest doing the other body parts we can go and blast the guns again.

James’s workout was more productive than what I had been doing for the past year (which was not working) and it was only 30 minutes long.

James gave me the short cut. Better results in less time. Smarter. Not harder.

No Coach = No short cuts


Results Getting Principal #4 ACCOUNTABILITY

After three month of hard workouts I started thinking. “Do I really need this guy? He has taught me what to do, I could just turn up and blast myself”.

But I knew that after a week or two I would not.

First a session would be missed, and then another and then I would only push myself at 80% intensity and soon be back to delusional training. But having to turn up at 3pm each Friday afternoon made me accountable to James.

Yes the trainer gave me the short cut to results but he also gave me accountability.

Because he was waiting each Friday and pushing me the workout HAPPENED with QUALITY. That counts. I would lose respect from James if I weakened.

This was essential. Part of being honest is being accountable to someone else who demands a higher standard from you.  Someone who demands the plan gets followed.

I no longer have a coach. My workouts are less intense and less regular. 110kgs.

No Coach = No accountability


Results Getting Principal #5 MEASUREMENT


I have a client Mark who works with CEO’s to help them increase their share value. His key strategy is to identify the Key Performance Indicators KPI’s for the business and have the CEO track them.

Simply by measuring the KPI’s the performance improves. This was proved in experiments called the ‘Hawthorne Effect’.

Hawthorne would change the lighting, then the temperature in a factory and the researchers with white lab coats and clipboards would measure the difference in performance of the workers.

Each time a component was changed the performance of the workers went up.

Did more light and heat mean more productivity? No because the productivity also went up when they dimmed the lights and reduced the heat.


What Hawthorne finally realize was that it was not the heat or light but the fact that the workers thought their productivity was being measured. It was the focus itself that was triggering performance increases.

‘What ever you focus on increases’ Tony Robbins

Ok back to when I got my weight down to 98kgs I was entering everything I ate into a web site called

This is an awesome tool for fat barstards because it tells you the calorie of everything you eat. If you are only allowed 1500 calories a day then you can track what you are up to. You cannot bullshit A bowl of butter chicken is 800 calories – there is no generous underestimating.

I stopped using

You Get What You Measure


Results Getting Principal #6 PEER GROUP

  • On my own, weight is 110kgs.
  • Applying the principals above, weight went down to 98kgs.
  • Ten years ago when my peers were professional cricketers, weight is 93kgs
  • Twenty years ago when my peer group was international cricketers, weight was 89kgs.

In certain circumstances a good peer group is all you need. They say you will earn plus or minus 10% of the average of the five people you spend most time with.

So principal number 6 is surround yourself with people who have higher standards and you will raise yours.

The other time I got under 100kgs outside playing professional sport or controlling calories was when I joined Roger Twose and Richard Cutfield in their running group.

We ended up running three marathons. My peer group had gone from being overweight people to amateur runners who wanted to run a better time than each other.

All I had was a peer group with higher standards that I had to conform with.

You Become Your Peer Group

In Summary

Having written all these principals out success seems obvious.

Just apply the principals 1-6 or if you can only do one then join a peer group (principal 6) whose standards are so high they will lift yours like a tide lifts all the boats on the water.

Simon emailed me recently saying he ‘wanted to get back into a marketing coaching group’ and was I running anything. Actually I am very keen to start a new group with past mastermind members.

If you have not done the 6 month mastermind programme then the opportunity below will not apply.

(Before you can come into an advanced group like the one we are planning you would need to have done the ‘Launching Pad’ programme. This is where we untangle you from out of date marketing, get your target markets clearly defined and create messages that resonant with only the best buyers. A few other things. If you are Speed marketing newbie you need to email me for details  at

So I sent out an email to graduate mastermind members to see who wanted to

1)   Get honest about their results again

2)   Put themselves in a structured environment of learning and implementation

3)   Have a coach who can see through excuses and BS

4)   Be held accountable to keeping stuff done

5)   Have their efforts and results ruthlessly measured

6)   Be in a peer group whose standards are higher than any other group in New Zealand

The first former mastermind members who responded were the obvious suspects. Good people who always want to do better.

The idea of getting a group together again excites me. And if you don’t work with me to increase your sales and margins then you’ll probably end up coaching yourself again. That is ok, but it does not work for me too well either. If your business has potential to grow sales then it will be faster and more fun with me.

And your new peer group will be sailing on a very high tide.

A rising tide lifts all boat on the water.

I have not finalized the details – I want to talk with a couple of participants to get their feedback tomorrow but consider joining us.

Get on the rising tide and lift your standards with us. Then change your income and your life.

I am calling this the $100k club because that is how much extra I want you to earn by being with us.

Here’s what to do.

Just register your interest. No commitment, I wont force you to earn an extra $100k with us,  you will just receive the details once they are finalized.

>> Email your name and phone number to now

Speak soon.


PS By the time we have our first group workshop I will be under 106kgs or I will reduce the investment for attendance by 33% until I am. I forgot reward and punishment as a success factor.

PPS If your sales and marketing bum is looking big OR if you are fitness overachiever then email your name and phone number to me now at and you will be sent details of this new programme as soon as details are confirmed.

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