Remarkable Client Experience

April 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Seth Goddin wrote a book called ‘The Purple Cow’.

Imagine you were driving down the road and saw a herd of purple cows in the paddock. You would stop, take photos and tell 100 people as fast as you could, ‘I saw a purple cow today’.

You would instantly become infected and become viral because you saw something remarkable.

In one sentence the strategy is… do something so remarkable that people feel they have to remark about you everywhere they go. This is your marketing.


In my coaching groups we challenge you to create a ‘Remarkable Client Experience’.
So remarkable that people are forced to talk about you to such an extent that it drives business to your door. Aaron from Swisher Hygiene is probably the most famous example.

There is not enough drama and theatre in peoples marketing.

Pike Place Fish Market – has achieved this remarkable status. So has Disneyland.

Here is a video for a new TV channel. They have also risen to the challenge.
Don’t just enjoy this video – ask yourself ‘How could I create something remarkable?’

NB Bear in mind it’s the video they wanted because a video can easily become viral, not the people at the event. Can you create a scene and collect a video that goes viral and promotes your business?

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