Confessions Of A Marketing Rebel #1

April 18th, 2012  |  Published in Marketing Secrets

Ever done anything really embarrassing in a business situation?

See if you can top this.

In fact if you can, then send me your story and if it is bad enough I will post it on this page.

This is my story

So I come home from work. My daughters aged 11 and 9 immediately get out the big black pen.

Then proceed to draw a moustache, goatee, nose ring, earrings, and mono brow on my face.

So far so good. I leave it there for the evening because I forget it is there.

My wife laughs when she arrives home and then I again forget I am wearing it and everyone stops noticing.

Still so far so good. You know where I am going with this don’t you.

Next day everyone is up before me. I sleep in because I don’t have an appointment till 1pm with a new client.

I shower shave give the face a quick once over and off I go to the meeting.

Good meeting, nothing untoward. I drive home.

At home and look into a mirror in the hall with bad light and see I am still wearing a Spanish moustache and mono brow. The goatee had gone and the ink was not as clear as the day before but …clear enough.

Bloody Hell

The three ladies in the meeting said nothing!
Maybe they think that because I am a marketer that is part of my wacky get up.

Well it could be worse. I could have had my fly down, like the presentation I once did for a room full of accountants.

It’s tough being a marketing rebel.
But someone has to do it.

Speaking of having to do something.

Give Me Your Database

Do you have a list of people on a database you should be promoting offers to?

If so I have developed a very cool system for getting them to call.

Send me an email with your name, phone number, the size of the list i.e. number of people, whether it is email list or postal addresses you have? What is the thing and value of the thing you sell

If I think your list and product is suitable I will call you back to get more information.

This will work best for people selling big-ticket items with larger margins.

In the meantime, when people draw moustaches on you, wipe them off before you go to be.

Go in peace.

Marketing Rebel
PS If you are a past client with a large list even better, you know what I can do for you.

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